Sandor Szikszai – Pathfinder

Sandor  is a Hungarian/Australian watercolor artist, curator, educator, Daniel Smith Brand Ambassador who after a period of fifteen years of high flier business life, retired himself to dedicate his life to attain youthful dream of artistic self expression.

And ever since he became path finder, who rushes around the world looking for the vital life of inspirations. Business and art challenges followed each other across four continents. Sandor mainly shares his life between two continents Europe and Australia while yielding plentiful life experience that can be transformed into work of art.

After his return to Hungary, he engaged in watercolor art promotion and education. Established IWS Hungarian Branch in 2015, than Watercolor Academy in 2017. Became a Board member of IWS Global in 2016. He is also Leader of FabrianoinAcquarello Hungarian Artist Group and Local Hungarian Art Community “Free Artist Society”. Within these capacities he organized great number of solo and group exhibitions, joint events, workshops and presentations. He was the organizer-curator of the First Budapest International Watercolor Festival in September 2016. Publisher of the first International Watercolour Diary in 2018. Organizer – curator of the 2018 Budapest International Mail Art Exhibition. Country curator of the first Hungarian – Mexican dual country watercolor exhibition at Mexico City in 2018 February. Dual Country Hungary – Mexico Aquarelle Exhibition “Nuestro Mundo as la Acuarela” at Budapest in 2019 September. Organizer curator of BudapestinAcquarello where the paintings from the FabrianoinAcquarello’s country leaders were exhibited.

For the fourth year in a row he has been conducting regular joint painting sessions for a group aquarellists at all levels and backgrounds helping to explore and infuse their own painting styles with an admirable sense of life…

In his art Sandor is a strong symbolists, his topics mostly selected by the call of internal spirit. Either landscape,  still life or refined emotional portrait, his works are marked with delicate sense of composition, colour, high craftsmanship and complete possession of the watercolour technique.

All of these expressions manifested at five collection of solo exhibitions in the last seven years at Budapest. He has been also invited guest for more than 30 local and international group exhibitions. His Paintings are part of the collections of watercolor museums in Italy, China and private collectors.

International Exhibitions:

World Watercolor Triennial 2015 Seoul – South Korea,

IWS Watercolor Biennale 2015 Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam,

Invited Guest Exhibitor on Watercolor Salon 2016 – 2017 Thessaloniki – Greece,

FabrianoinAquarello 2016 – 2017 – 2018 – 2019 – 2020 Italy,

Competition Winner 2016 Jakson’s Art Supply, London – UK,

Invited Guest on Gaziantep Watercolor Festival 2017 – Turkey,

Invited Guest Exhibitor on IWS Mexico Watercolor Exhibition – 2017 Chihuahua,

Invited to Re-Interpretation Contemporary Watercolor Art – Travelling Exhibition

– Vienna – 2017 Austria,

– Shanghai and Anshan – 2017 China

– Jiaxing’s Library–Exhibition Hall – 2018 China.

– HKE Art Museum, Ningbo, 2018 China

– The 23rd Guangzhou International Art Fair (2018 Spring)

– Nimbo International Arts Expo in November 2018

– First Zhuhai International Watercolor Exhibition, 2019 China

– Taicang International Watercolour Invitational Festival, 2019 China

– International Watercolor Exhibition, Shanghai 2020, June China

– Jinan International Art Fair capital of China’s Shandong province. 2020 Aug

– Nanning International Watercolor Exhibition 2020 September

– 2nd Zhuhai (China) International Watercolor Exhibition – 2020 November

Pearls Of Peace Through Watercolor, 2nd International Watercolor Biennial, 2018 Pakistan,

Award Winner – Honorable category in Pakistan Biennial – 2018

Invited Guest Exhibitor – “Up In the Air” Exhibition – 2018 Mexico

Invited Guest Exhibitor – SperlongaInAquarello – 2018 Italy

Selected exhibitor, Premio Tláloc 2018 – Mexico

First International Watercolor Biennale – Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia – 2018 December

Nuestro Mundo as la Acuarela Hungary – Mexico –  Dual Country Aquarelle Exhibition – 2019 February

First IWS Finland Watercolour Show, July 2019

Invited artists at Peony Festival at Yizheng, and Blue Lake-Heaven Qingdao, 2019 China


First Qilu International Watercolor & Ink Colour Painting Exhibition at Jinan City, 2019 China Shandong province

“Up In The Air”  – International Invitational Exhibition – 2019 Quito, Ecuador

Invited Guest Exhibitor on International Online Exhibition – Landscape category – 2020 Malaysia