CITYLIFE – Pictures over the seas and beyond

CITYLIFE – Pictures over the seas and beyond

Watercolor International III Thessaloniki 2016

Number if internationally acclaimed artists and watercolour masters were exhibiting in Thessaloniki on the Watercolor International III. 2016 exhibition

First International Budapest Aquarelle Festival, 9- 24 September, 2016

International Watercolour Festival “Freedom of Self Expression” …first and biggest watercolour event in the history of Hungarian contemporary art organised by IWS Hungary between 9 – 24 September 2016

Fabriano Aquarello 2016

Hungarian Artist along with Polish, Romanian and Slovakian artists have the first time honor to be invited to one the World most important Watercolor Events, Fabriano Aquarello in April 2016.

Parallel Universes

Exhibition opened at Town Hall Gallery in Budapest Pestszentlörinc for showing the milestones of the journey of my “soul-brush” by visualizing and celebrating human beauties and diversity. (Participating artists: Kerényi Eszter Lilla – flute, Gálfi Irén – host of the evening, Tósoki Anikó – performing artist, Jakos Kata – poet)

Harmonies by Nagy Ernő and Sandor Szikszai

Two different styles but yet the same purpose for communicating harmonies in aquarelle by Erno Nagy and Sandor Szikszai

Galériák ekészült munkáimból / Recent works

....................Alkotások, melyeknek lenyomatai vagy eredetije megvásárolható (ill saját kérésre portré vagy egyéb téma festése megrendelhető).................... Original and imprint pictures are available for sale or any other subject/portraits by request.