Reinterpretation Shanghai China


Thank you to Ky Loh curator, our virtual tour with REINTERPRETATION 2017 travelling exhibition continuing in China. After August exhibition at THIAN ZI FANG ART CENTER our paintings moving forward to SHANGHAI LINGANG CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM from 1/10/17 – 31/10/’17.



Mr Kong Yaw Loh, is the Founding Curator of the RE-INTERPRETATION CHINESE EUROPEAN CONTEMPORARY WATERCOLOR events, that is promoting contemporary watercolor art across Europe and China.  Two of my paintings were selected to be part of these travelling exhibition,  and exhibited at Vienna in July for two weeks before moving further to China ….


Fabriano in Aquarello 2017

If April …it is the month of Fabriano in Aquarello World Convention since 2012, when the works of thousands of artist from more that 50 countries are introduced in the exhibition and public buildings of the City. That is also famous of its hand made paper manufacturing …from the 1200s … 

CITYLIFE – Pictures over the seas and beyond

CITYLIFE – Pictures over the seas and beyond

Watercolor International III Thessaloniki 2016

Number if internationally acclaimed artists and watercolour masters were exhibiting in Thessaloniki on the Watercolor International III. 2016 exhibition

First International Budapest Aquarelle Festival, 9- 24 September, 2016

International Watercolour Festival “Freedom of Self Expression” …first and biggest watercolour event in the history of Hungarian contemporary art organised by IWS Hungary between 9 – 24 September 2016

Galériák ekészült munkáimból / Recent works

....................Alkotások, melyeknek lenyomatai vagy eredetije megvásárolható (ill saját kérésre portré vagy egyéb téma festése megrendelhető).................... Original and imprint pictures are available for sale or any other subject/portraits by request.