Project bridges 2014

Introducing Project Bridges 2014,

After a year long roaming in deep forests, learning age long wisdom of the rustling trees, a bright new passage unfolded by its considerable moral and symbolic value, inspiring spirit of confidence, progress and hope.

The Bridges – (Our Bridges) passages from one phase to another in your life, a transition to a new beginning – are among the most powerful and important symbols in human society.
Symbols of connection, cooperation, harmony and when harmony breaks down and conflicts ensue, the destroying of bridges is usually among the most urgent targets. But when peace and healing come, then it is the construction and rehabilitation of bridges that marks our progress.

My 2014 project begins with one of the most symbolic bridge of two coexisting Nations and Religions: “Old Bridge” of Mostar … that would follow by the others with historical and economic values such as Szechenyi Chain Bridge of Budapest, Charles Bridge of Prague, Brooklyn Bridge of New York, Tower Bridge of London, Golden Gate Bridge of Los Angles, Harbour Bridge of Sydney …and others
(like what I have already depicted Ponte de Vecchio – Florence, Rialto – Venice)

At the end of  year an exhibitions will be organised showing project results,
depicted pictures (aquarelle and oil) and other interesting pictures and stories of the Bridges.