Sandor Szikszai – Pathfinder


Sandor  is a Hungarian/Australian watercolour artist, who after a long period of fifteen years – when he was engaged in various senor financial management and consulting positions at multinational companies – retired himself to dedicate his life to attain his youthful dreams of artistic self expression.

And ever since he became path finder, who rush around the World looking for the vital life inspirations. Day and night schools, business and art courses followed each other across four Continents. Sandor mainly shares his life between two continents Europe and Australia while yielding plentiful life experience that can be transformed into work of art.

Meanwhile he lived in Austria for one and the half year and become commissioned fee artist at Danube Chanel art community in Vienna. After his return to Hungary, he engaged at the promotion of watercolour art and established International Watercolor Society (IWS) Hungarian Branch in 2015 March. He is Board member of IWS Global since 2016 June.  He is also heading a local Artistic Community “Free Artists Association” Budapest/Hungary with membership of 25 artists from various art fields: painters, sculptors, photographers, writers, poets, musicians, dancers, performers. Within this capacity he has also organised great number of solo and group exhibitions, joint art events, workshops and presentations.

In his art, he is strong symbolist – using multi layout techniques for complex colour scheme – and topics mostly selected by the call of internal spirit.

All these expressions manifested in the collections exhibited at Budapest solo exhibitions throughout the last four years. 2013 – Journey of a Seoul, 2014 – Passages into another Life, 2015 – Twelve Pearl Gates,  Parallel Universes and City Life in 2016. He is also exhibitor on various Budapest and country wide group exhibitions 2-3 times a year.

Exhibited also on the 2015 World Watercolour Triennale and number of International exhibitions including Vietnam, Turkey,  Italy, Greece, UK.

Most recently he was the organizer and curator of the First Budapest International Watercolour Festival where 190 artists from 42 countries are exhibited works in September 2016.


“Beauty is everywhere around us, not its fault, if we do not see it ”

(Auguste Rodin)